Choosing Apprenticeships over University

University degrees are important in building many careers, but there are also important, upscale careers that can be started and built without necessarily having to attend degree courses at universities in Birmingham. Apprenticeships, for example, can kick start a career by directly exposing you to the field’s practical and functional side. Aside from choosing to take up apprenticeships in Birmingham, you can have other options if you decide not to pursue a university degree.

There are three known main alternatives to university education:

Higher apprenticeships – Apprenticeships in Birmingham come in different levels. You will first start at intermediate level apprenticeships and work your way up to advanced level apprenticeships. Higher apprenticeships are another form of apprenticeship that are geared towards providing you a higher level of training. You will have to complete an advanced level apprenticeship first to qualify for a higher apprenticeship.

School leaver program – This option is similar to higher apprenticeships, except that these programs target good A-level students who are eager and willing to leap straight into a career. In these programs, higher apprenticeships may be incorporated, as well as degrees and professional qualifications. The employers will shoulder most, if not all, of the costs for obtaining the necessary qualifications.

Sponsored degree program – There are companies that offer degree sponsorship for students that qualify for the jobs. These programs can come in different forms, with varying terms and conditions. Some companies will require the student to work full-time for them while studying for the degree at a part-time basis. Some award scholarships that are combined with practical training for deserving students.